Hello there, my name is mandy chow.
I am a web designer and front end developer from Canada.
University of Toronto Spring Reunion

Spring Reunion is one of the biggest annual events at the University of Toronto, held on the final weekend of May. This event is for alumni of all graduating years, and their family and friends.

I redesigned the site to improve the interface, usability and increase web traffic, while maintaining the university's branding and style.

Responsibilities: UX/UI Design and front end development.

** Event pages are unavailable until registration starts. Please click here to view images.

University of Toronto Alumni Travel

Alumni Travel is a special program dedicated to University of Toronto alumni with wanderlust. There is a variety of destinations and packages, most of which cater for the older alumni group.

With this target audience in mind, I redesigned the site to improve usability and maintain consistency with the new brochures. After the relaunch of the website, traffic increased by over 200%.

In addition to the webpage redesign, the HTML emails were also modified, and updated for compatibility with multiple devices and email clients. I also created an editing tool, to allow clients to craft their own HTML emails.

Responsibilities: UX/UI Design and front end development (website), HTML email design, development(email) and tool development.

Red Handed Denial

Red Handed Denial is a progressive metal band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I renovated their site to reflect their new branding and showcase their upcoming release.

Responsibilities: UX Design and Front end development.

InspiredFoods Incorporated

InspiredFood Incorporated is a Toronto-based fast-food company specializing in Asian dishes. The company owns chains such as Wikki Hut, California Thai, and Eat Canteen. The company owns fast food chains such as: Wikki Hut, California Thai and Eat Canteen.

I created the site to show the company's brands, services, and store locations.

Responsibilities: Front end Development.

Mandy's Portfolio 2014

This is the first portfolio I created back in 2014, after graduating from university. As parallax was popular at that time, I challenged myself to create a website using it.

The goal was to create a page that showcased not only my abilities as a web designer and front end developer, but also reflect my personality and character.

Responsibilities: UX/UI Design, front end development and illustration.

Division of University Advancement Email Tractor

While working for the University, I was also responsible for their email marketing campaigns. Responsibilities included client consultation, design and HTML development. Between 300,000 users and 30 different faculties, over 200 emails per month are handled by the service.

Due to the high volume of requests and campaigns, our team often joked about being an "Email Farm"; as a result, the Email Tractor was born. The Email Tractor is a simple HTML email editing tool we created to help lessen our workload. It allows clients to freely edit their content in pre-existing templates, download it, and finally transfer it to the service for dispersal through mailing lists.

Responsibilities: Front end development and Illustration.

University of Toronto Magazine

UofT Magazine is the University of Toronto's quarterly alumni magazine. An email campaign is sent out to all University of Toronto alumni to inform them about each new release, and direct them to the website for more articles.

I redesigned the email to improve usability and maintain consistency with both the webpage and the physical magazine. This renovation also encompassed improving mobile compatibility.

Responsibilities: UX/UI design and front end development.

About Me

I'm a Canadian, and graduate of the University of Toronto, Canada. I currently hold a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) with distinction, majoring in Studio Art and New Media Studies. I'm a passionate web designer specializing in UX/ UI Design and front end web development.

After working in a corporate setting for some time in Toronto, I decided to quit my job and move to Japan - one of my life-long dreams. Not only did I want to live and work in Japan, I wanted to share the knowledge and experience I have gained in Canada with the Japanese web development world

And so, here I am!

Technical Skills

Here are some of my specialties:

  • Adobe Suite
  • UX/UI Design
  • Responsive Design & Development
  • HTML5 & CSS3 Coding
  • HTML Email Development
  • Sass
  • jQuery & JavaScript
  • Flash ActionScript 3.0
  • WordPress
My Passion

A music lover:
I love to listen to Rock, pop and Jazz. But not only do I enjoy listening to music, but also playing it, whether on the flute, tenor saxophone, or drums.

A nerd:
I love to play RPG games, read manga, watch anime and read light novels.

An athlete:
I love to play badminton and go bouldering.

Also, I love cats.

This is it! Want to know more about me?

Don't hesitate to send me a message, I'd love to chat with you!